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How to build a GraphQL API with Node

GraphQL is the new popular topic in the web development world: everybody’s speaking about it and everybody wants to give it a try. It’s no more the new kid in the block and it is very easy to setup even in small projects, thanks to an extensive documentation. Why do we need GraphQL? GraphQL is […]

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Export JSON to file on LAMP

It’s really easy to manipulate json with JavaScript. But what if we want to save it as a file on a LAMP server? Basically, what we want to achieve is to store our client-generated JSON on the server, except we don’t have an existing API to call. And since we suppose to be on a […]

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Generate JSON from form inputs

While there are tons of libraries to manage forms and to handle input values, here’s a vanilla JavaScript implementation of a function to create a JSON object mapping a form structure. The interesting thing about this implementation is that it can be applied to any form without any change and doesn’t require any additional markup: […]

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